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Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Brows | $495

​Includes consultation, Initial 1st visit,

and 4 week follow-up perfection visit!


Microblading Maintenance | Touch Ups

For returning clients wanting to continue

 Microblading Maintenance after the Initial 1st  & Perfection visit.

*Must of had your Initial & Perfection visit with us. 

1-12 Month | $175

12- 24 Month | $275



Q & A 

Will it hurt? Will I feel anything?

We apply a Numbing Cream for 30 minutes prior to treatment. You will feel pressure but if should not feel painful. If for any reason you feel pain the Technician can add additional numbing cream yet this is not usual and not normally required.

Is it Permanent?

No. Microblading is a Semi- Permanent single stroke tattoo and over time the strokes will fade. Some strokes may last longer then others but this is normal and varies from person to person on how long yours will last.

What happens when my Microblading fades? 

We recommend that you return every 6, 12 or 18 months from your last visit for a touch up to maintain a full brow look.

Do I have to pay full price again?

As long as you come back before 24 Months you don't have to pay full price. The sooner you come back the better the pricing. See Microblading Maintenance

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