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Lash & Brow Tinting

Lash Tint / $25

Brow Tint / $15

Choose from a wide variety of tints available.

Lash Tint

Lash Therapy & Bath / $15

It's a treatment your eyes will thank you for!

Lash Bath removes all makeup, dirt, and oils for healthy continuous growth.

This Treatment is ideal for clients who are coming from work with full makeup, a very active lifestyle, or just need a deeper cleanse to maintain healthy growing lashes!

Q & A

What is Lash & Brow Tinting?

Tinting temporarily dyes the eyelashes and/or brow. This is done to achieve the look of wearing mascara and/or brow color without having to apply makeup daily. The dye used to is a vegetable-based dye. This is to minimize the irritation for sensitive clients. 

How long does the process take?

The entire tinting process takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes. The dye is applied carefully to the upper and lower lashes and/or brows. The dye must then set for at least five-ten minutes to penetrate. Finally, the dye is washed away and the lashes and/or brow are left darker. Since tinting is done with vegetable-oil based dyes, it is not a permanent solution but can last 4-6 weeks.

No Maintenance Girl! 

Women who regularly get their eyelash and/or brow tinted enjoy a number of benefits. If your lashes and/or brows are naturally light,  getting them dyed will create a much more dramatic fuller look. Tinting is a great option for women who have busy or active lifestyles. If you spend a lot of time swimming, playing sports or chasing your kids around, it's likely that you do not often wear makeup. Tinting will give you a more polished, coiffed look that is also no-maintenance.

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