November Laser Specials


Laser Hair Removal

½ Off 6 Sessions Treatments

Select Areas  - Must all be the same area. 

Offer Valid till 11/30/2020


$120 -  Small Area - Pick one 

Chin, Upper Lip,  Sideburns, Underarms


$240 - Medium Area - Pick one 

Hairline, Front of Neck, Back of Neck, Abdomen line, Bikini, Inner Thighs


$360 - Large Area - Pick one 

Lower Arms, Chest, Abdomen, Upper Back, Lower Back,

Shoulders, Lower Legs, Brazilian, Buttocks


$675  - X Large Area - Pick one  

Full Arms, Full Back, Chest & Abdomen, Full Leg



SMALL AREA - $40 Per Session 



Upper Lip







MEDIUM AREA - $80 Per Session 



Front of Neck

Back of Neck

Beard ( Jaw Line, Cheeks, Under Chin, and Upper Lip) 

Happy Trail ( Abdomen line) 


Inner Thighs


LARGE AREA - $120 Per Session 


Lower Arms

Upper Arms



Upper Back

Lower Back


Lower Legs

Upper Legs




X-LARGE AREAS - $225 Per Session 


Full Arms 

Full Back 

Chest and Abdomen

Full Leg 

Q & A


Q: What do I need to do before my laser hair removal treatment?

A: You must shave the hair of the body part to be treated. We do not Shave clients so if you are not shaved you will be charged a cancelation fee and need to be rescheduled.  Areas to be treated must be free of make-up, lotions, oils, perfumes, and deodorants. 


Q: What can I expect after my laser hair removal treatment? 

A: You may experience small, red bumps around the hair follicle. This is normal and expected. Do not pick, rub, or scratch these until they have cleared. Your skin overall may be sensitive for several days following your laser hair removal treatment.

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