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Eyelash Extensions 1.1

In Person - Training Course 1.1

Sometimes after we finish our Esthetics or Cosmetology education, we find that we need additional training to specialize in certain focus areas. Our Eyelash Extension Course is designed to educate you on the world of lashing. Our one-on-one two-day class will provide you with all the necessary skills to grow and succeed as a professional lash artist. 

Extensive kit including all of the products you will need to get started.

Day 1:  Morning 

In-depth theory with your instructor.

  • Sanitation

  • Rules & Regulations

  • Lash Growth

  • Client Consultation, Pre and Post Care

  • Contraindications

  • Different types of Adhesives and Lashes

  • Client Mapping 


Day 1:  Afternoon 

Hands-on practice mannequin.

Day 2:  Live Model: Hands-on Application 

  • Model application and technique critique.

  • You will work on 3 live models for 2 hours each.

Training Available in Austin and Kyle


Next Training Dates: 

In-person training 10 am - 6 pm 


Course $800

$200 Non - Refundable Deposit to BOOK your 1.1 (2 day) training

Pink Sugar

Email to Book your Lash Training

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