​Eyelash Extensions
Classic, Volume Mix, Russian Volume and Bottom Lash Extensions 

Lash Extension Special - Protect & Love Your Lashes! 

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Individual Classic Lashes - one to one lashes 


                                           Partial                Full Sets              Refill​

                                                                                                    45 mins   | 60 mins   | 75 mins    


Level 1                                   $85                          $175                  $45             $60              $75              

Level 2/Master Stylist         $125                        $225                 $55              $70              $85                              

RETURN CLIENT                $85                          $125

Volume Mix 

Individual & 3D Volume


                                                                      Full Sets              Refill​

                                                                                                    45 mins   | 60 mins   | 75 mins    


Level 1                                                                $195                $60             $75              $95              

Level 2/Master Stylist                                     $255                 $70             $85             $105                               

RETURN CLIENT                                             $165

Russian Volume 

3D - 5D Volume 

​                                                                      Full Sets                                 Refill

                                                                                                                      60 mins    | 75 mins      

Master Stylist                                                   $350                                   $95              $115                            

RETURN CLIENT                                             $225

Already have Lash Extensions on and need a fill ?

Transfer Fill

Coming from another company with lash extensions on.

​60 Min | Classic - Transfer Fill  | $95

60 Min | Volume Mix - Transfer Fill | $125

Needing a little Extra? Try some an add on!

Bottom Lashes & Candied Lashes are the way to go! 



Bottom Lash Sets

Applied to the bottom lashes to give your eyes that extra mascara look pop! 

30 Min    $40

Candied Lashes - Add On 

NovaLash’s exclusive LASH candy adds some glimmer and shimmer to your already fabulous lashes.

The delicious, hand-dipped, freeze-dried and crystallized lashes can be worn day or night

for a delicate sparkle that lasts up to 2 weeks.

Choose from a variety of sinfully sweet LASH candy flavors including,

Pink Lemonade (pink), Butterscotch (gold), and Sugar Plum (purple).

Candied Lashes are meant to add a little sparkle to your every day Lash Extensions.

Add On to your Lash Set or Fill for


$40 (10 lashes per eye) - Feeling Extra!

$20 ( 5 lashes per eye ) - Just a Wink!

Lash Therapy & Bath  |  $10

It's a treatment your eyes will thank you for!

Lash Bath removes all makeup, dirt and oils then is followed by a Revitalash application treatment for healthy continuous growth.

This Treatment is ideal for clients who are scared to cleanse their lashes on a regular basis, coming from work with full makeup, very active lifestyle or just need a deeper cleanse to maintain healthy growing lashes!

Lash Therapy | Lash Bath is Included in 
at no extra charge