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What are my LHR options?



Small and medium areas need to be spaced out for 4-6 weeks in-between sessions. Large and XL areas need 6-12 weeks in-between sessions. As you go into several sessions into your treatments the hair growth will reduce and you may be asked to wait longer in-between sessions. You and your Laser Provider will determine what is right for you and your hair growth. Single sessions start as low as $40 for a small area.


Recommend for clients looking to treat multiple areas. ​

If you are looking to do several areas of your body the membership is the quickest and most affordable way to go! For $135 you get 30 min of treatment time in any area. Treatments are spaced out  

4-12 weeks apart.


Example: Leg treatment can be scheduled for one month, then a Brazilian/Bikini the next month, and so on.


Spring Specials
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