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Laser Hair Removal Membership


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30 Minute Monthly Session- $89 


60 Minute Monthly Session - $139  

Q & A


Q. How does Laser Hair Removal Membership work? 


A. Every month you will get either 30 or 60 minutes (depending on the membership you choose) of Hair Removal time.


Q. So how many areas can I get in 30 Minutes? 


A. Well for example most people can do either a Brazilian, or Underarm and Upper Lip or Half Legs in a 30 Minute allotted time. 


Q. Why would I want a 60 Minute membership?


A. You are looking for several areas or large areas like Full Legs. 


Q. How many sessions do I need? 


A. Depending on the area(s) and thickness of hair you might need 6-12 sessions per area. 


Q. Can I do a Brazilian one month and then Half Leg the next month in my 30 Minute Session? 


A. YES! Visits between sessions need to be spread out 4-12 weeks apart depending on the area. The longer you wait in between visits the more opportunity you have for your hair cycles to grow which in fact gives you more hair to laser off at your session.