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Laser Hair Removal


SMALL AREA - $40 Per Session 



Upper Lip



Fingers & Toes



MEDIUM AREA - $80 Per Session 



Front of Neck

Back of Neck

Beard ( Jaw Line, Cheeks, Under Chin, and Upper Lip) 

Abdomen line


Inner Thighs


LARGE AREA - $120 Per Session 

Half Arm



Half Back


Half Leg

Female /Male Brazilian



X-LARGE AREAS - $225 Per Session 


Full Arms

Full Back

Chest and Abdomen

Full Leg


What are my LHR options?



Small and medium areas need to be spaced out for 4-6 weeks in-between sessions. Large and XL areas need 6-12 weeks in-between sessions. As you go into several sessions into your treatments the hair growth will reduce and you may be asked to wait longer in-between sessions. You and your Laser Provider will determine what is right for you and your hair growth. Single sessions start as low as $40 for a small area.


Recommend for clients looking to treat multiple areas. ​

If you are looking to do several areas of your body the membership is the quickest and most affordable way to go! For $135 you get 30 min of treatment time in any area. Treatments are spaced out  

4-12 weeks apart.


Example: Leg treatment can be scheduled for one month, then a Brazilian/Bikini the next month, and so on.



Recommend for clients looking to FULL BODY. ​

If you are looking to do your full body this is the quickest and most affordable way to go!

For a one time price of $1800 unlimited 30 min - 60 min appointments of treatment time in any area. Treatments are spaced out 4-12 weeks apart.




  • You must shave the hair of the body part to be treated. You must wait for at least 4 weeks post waxing, plucking, or use of depilatories before starting laser hair removal.

  • Do not wax, pluck, or use depilatories during your series of laser hair reductions.

  • Avoid sun exposure for longer than 30 min in the area 21 days prior to treatment and use SPF 30 daily to ensure coverage against UVB and UVA rays.

  • Do not use self-tanning products for 1 to 2 weeks prior to and/or post-treatment.

  • Discontinue use of Tretinoin type products (Renova, Tretinoin, Retin A, Retin A Micro, Tri-Luma, Solage, etc.) or Hydroquinone at least 21 days prior to treatment.

  • If you have been on Accutane you must wait 6 months before you can get Laser Hair Removal.

  • If you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding you must wait until are not to get Laser Hair Removal.

  • Many medications that are sun-sensitive will also make you more sensitive to the laser. Please disclose any medications that you may be taking.

  • If you have a history of cold sores, begin prophylactic treatment with Valtrex or similar no later than the day prior to your laser hair treatment. Notify the office if you develop a cold sore, acne, open lesions in the area being treated, or experience any type of illness prior to your treatment.

  • The longevity of Botox and fillers that have been done any time within 6 months prior to face treatment may be affected. Botox done within 2 weeks prior to treatment is not recommended.

  • REMEMBER - Laser hair reduction is never 100%. Industry-standard is 75% to 90% reduction in the hairs. Not all hairs will be destroyed. Hormones can cause hair to grow back.



  • You may experience small red bumps around the hair follicle. This is normal and expected. Do not pick, rub or scratch these until they have cleared.

  • Your skin overall may be sensitive for several days following your laser hair removal treatment.

  • If your skin scabs or crusts, or your experience a burn, do not pick, rub or scratch these areas. Doing so can result in infection, permanent pigment changes in your skin or even scarring. Gently cleanse the area and apply hydrocortisone cream several times a day for one week. If the area is open, also apply a layer of antibiotic ointment over the hydrocortisone cream. Please contact us immediately if you experience any burns.

  • Do not sunbathe or use a tanning bed for at least 2 weeks following your treatment. If you need to be out in the sun, wear an SPF 30 minimum.

  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs and saunas for several days following your treatment.

  • It can take several weeks for the hair in the treated area to "fall out" (push up and out of the follicle). This time frame is normal.

  • Do not expect your hair to "not grow back" after a single session. Laser hair removal is a process.

  • Subsequent treatment sessions should be 6 to 8 weeks if done on the face and 8 to 12 weeks if done on the body.

  • Although rare, infection in the treated area is possible. Signs of infection may include redness and tenderness in the infected area and fever. Should you develop an infection, antibiotics may be necessary. Please contact us should you have any concerns.


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