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Intimate brightening products allow you to create a uniform color of the vaginal/anal area, underarm, and areola.

What is Intimate Bleaching? 

Intimate bleaching, such as anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching, and others, is the safest and most effective way to lighten dark skin in your intimate areas, regardless of your gender, age, and race. We offer treatment options to lighten the skin in your intimate areas, including the vagina, areolas, anus, and genitals.

We also offer skin-lightening treatments to brighten up the skin in other problematic areas, such as your knees, elbows, and underarms.

Types of Bleaching Services:

  • Anal Bleaching

  • Vaginal Bleaching

  • Underarms

  • Inner Thigh/Groin

  • Knees

  • Elbows

  • Areola

For optimal results, schedule every 10-15 days apart and repeat for 3 sessions.


Individual sessions / $150 

Series of 3 / $300



• Brightens
• Discoloration corrector
• Razor bumps
• Elbow texture irregularities
• Pigment irregularities
• HQ & Resorcinol FREE

What is Hyper-friction™ and what causes this discoloration?

Intimate Discoloration from coarse hair, thin skin, and excessive rubbing in particular areas cause chronic inflammation and irritation.

Our advanced botanical intimate brightening treatment will brighten, help with folliculitis, and improve texture irregularities in unsightly private areas.

What level of peeling will I experience?

Between days 1-3, there will be some noticeable dryness and minor to major sloughing of the skin.

What must you avoid before and after the peel treatment?

Pre-treatment: Avoid All depilatory treatments such as hair removal of any type 5 days prior (sugaring, creams, waxing, and laser).

Post-treatment: Abstain from any indoor or outdoor activities that cause friction to the treated area, including intimacy, tight clothing, hot yoga, hot saunas, and long durations of hot water submersion. Not following this advice may cause (PIH) Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, which will make it very difficult to have optimum results.

Pink Sugar
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